egyptian macaroon(غريبة )


Egyptian macaroons name ghorayeba is one of the most indulgent EID AL FETR’s literally like eating butter at its best…it’s is my favorite one because it has asuch a unique flavor and texture that is simply is not easy to can have all the can make it good but really not easy to make it excellent..but there are few tricks that i have learned over the year that will guarantee the best results..

Here is how i made it:


  • 2 cups of best quality ghee (سمن)
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • 4 cups flour
  • pinch of salt
  • raw blanched peeled almonds


  1. Start by measuring all the ingredients..then whisk the ghee with an electric mixer until it become very light in colorIMG_4230IMG_4231
  2. add the sugar and vanilla and beat again until become creamyIMG_4232IMG_4233
  3. now add the flour and mix just until here every weather and flour type will make this recipe you can add as much or as litlle depending on the consistencyIMG_4234IMG_4235
  4. now this is a very soft batter that couldn’t hold either you put it in the refrigerator to hold itself for an hour or what i did is i have put it in a piping bag and put on a baking sheet into the pieces ..refrigerate for an hour then try to roll them quickly with your hands into round the almond lightly on top.. IMG_4244image
  5. bake in a 300 degree F (140 degree Celsius) for about 10 mins..we want them just to cook but not to develop any colorimage
  6. take out and let it cool completely before moving it from the baking sheet…IMG_4342IMG_4482
  7. the last step is actually trying to wait until Eid to enjoy the soft deliciousness




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